The Art

As the name implies, there's handcrafted pixel art and original character concepts drawn by the same developer throughout. Includes animated movement and pixel-perfect UI screens. Just feast your eyes on some of the samples below.

The Gameplay

Travel across a vast land in search of your kidnapped sister. Along the way you'll encounter monsters, called Pixels, and capture them. As you continue your captured Pixels will gain XP, grow in power, and evolve. It's a grand adventure with elemental advantages, evolution, exploring, and boss battles. You don't wanna miss this!

The Fun!

The bottom line is that PixelRPG is a lot of fun, trust me. You'll find yourself wasting hours and hours trying to get that next evolution, that next piece of armor. There's such a great sense of accomplishment you get upon battling your way through the whole map and completing all the quests. And then you get the chance to prove yourself in the boss battle...